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Tips and Tricks

Winterizing Your Pool:

  • To ensure the best outcome for your pool make sure you keep your equipment running over winter, for 1-2 Hours a day. This will ensure your pool stays in tip-top condition, to avoid unnecessary clean-up’s when you re-open your pool for summer!
  • The right pool cover will protect your pool from unwanted debris during the stormy season. If you do put a cover on your pool, make sure you reduce the hours on your automatic chlorinator.
  • During winter there are some general housekeeping necessities for your pool! To save an expensive clean up in summer, it is important to maintain your pool during the colder months. Once every 3-4 weeks, you will need to brush the walls, vacuum pool and clear skimmer and pump filter baskets. If you regularly complete these takes you will save time and money when summer comes along!


How to Backwash:

  • Turn your Pump off (and your salt chlorinator if applicable).
  • Turn the Handle to Backwash position.
  • Turn your Pump back on.
  • Run the Pump for 2 to 3 minutes or until the Sight Glass becomes clear.
  • Turn your Pump off again.
  • Turn the Handle to Rinse position.
  • Turn the Pump back on.
  • Rinse for 20 to 30 Seconds.
  • Turn your Pump off.
  • Turn the handle back to Filter Position.
  • Turn your pump back on.

Click here to watch our video on how to backwash your pool

Green Pool Recovery:

Your pool may turn green if filtration and chlorine levels are not adequately maintained, especially during the colder months. This is known as an algae growth.  A shock dose of chlorine and algaecide is the best way to cure green algae in your pool. IMG 4927
Follow these instructions for a clearer pool:

  • Top up your pool if necessary. The ideal water level is ¾ up the skimmer box.
  • Make sure your automatic cleaner and any hose is removed from the pool.
  • Clean any leaves and debris from your pool.
  • Brush the floor and walls.
  • Apply liquid chlorine to your pool with both pump and filter running. The approximate dosage is 30 litres (2 x 15L drums) for a standard size pool (50,000L).  Depending on the intensity of the algae growth, you may need extra Granular chlorine. You will need to follow manufacturer’s recommendations for dosage rates of granular chlorine.
  • One hour after adding chlorine, add some algaecide; recommended dosage is 2.5L for a standard size pool (50,000L).
  • After 24 hours you should start to see a colour change from green to blue/grey. If your pool is still green, add some more liquid chlorine.
  • Make sure you adjust the levels in your pool once your chlorine level is adequate. Alkalinity should be at 80ppm or higher, and pH should sit between 7.2 – 7.6.
  • A dosage of clarifier may be necessary to get the best result.  If you have a sand filter: Turn the filter to recirculate and add 1L of Liquid Floc. Run your filter for two hours. Floc will help to clarify the water by settling all dirt/dust or remaining algae to the bottom of your pool. After 24hours, vacuum your pool to waste (Click here to watch a video for instructions).  If you have a cartridge filter: Add 1L of Waterpolish and run filter until water is clear. Cartridge filters may require cleaning during the clarifying process. Make sure you monitor your filter to ensure it is clean at all times during clarifying process.
  • After you have completed all the above steps, if you need us to check the pool water, please give us a call to organise an appointment.