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Stabilised Pool Tablets release a controlled flow of chlorine into the pool through a tablet dispenser
Granular Chlorine: Used for the sanitation of a pool on a daily basis.
Liquid Pool Chlorine: Used for sanitising pool water on a daily basis.
Stabilised Chlorine: This is used for sanitising or shock dosing swimming pools.


Algicide Concentrate: Allows for the destruction and control of algae in all types of swimming pools.


Quick Floc: A concentrated formula that is used for binding together small particulate for removal by the filter media.
Bling Tablet: A rapidly dissolving, single dose clarifier
Waterpolish: Waterpolish is a concentrated formula used to combine small particulate together for collection by the filter media restoring sparkle.


Calplus: The use of Cal Plus prevents the etching of concrete surfaces.
pH Buffer: pH Buffer is used to raise the Total Alkalinity and pH of swimming pool water.
Protec: Used for preventing the loss of chlorine to UV rays from sunlight.
Hydrochloric Acid: A liquid used to reduce Total Alkalinity and pH in swimming pools and spas.
Dry Acid: Dry Acid is used for the reduction of Total Alkalinity and pH in swimming pools and spas.


Tile and Vinyl Cleaner: For cleaning scum lines and grime build up from swimming pools and spas.
Saf-T-Cell: Saf-T-Cell is a unique effervescent cell cleaner.
Stain Off: Effectively removes stains and mineral deposits which dull the surfaces of pool and spas.


Shock and Clear: Shock and Clear is used to remove swimmer wastes and destroy any organic contaminants in the water.


Photox: Focus Photox Phosphate Remover is used for the elimination of phosphate from swimming pool water.
Wipeout: Focus Wipeout Stain Remover is used for removing rust stains or calcium deposits from pool surfaces.
Aquashield 3: Aquashield 3 assists in removing existing scale from pool walls, ensures calcium remains in solution and will keep build up on cells soft.


Focus Products 2013 Winter Box: Contains Waterpolish Plus and Powercide 4 to effectively prevent damage to your pool during winter.
Magnapool Minerals: This unique mineral blend of Magnesium and Potassium Chloride works in conjunction with the Magnapool Hydroxinateur.
Mermaid Finest Salt: With fine Australian sea salt crystals Mermaid’s Finest dissolves quickly and clearly, making it the safe and convenient way to achieve a naturally healthy pool.

Spa Chemicals:

OSPA Lithium: Perfect for spa treatment as an everyday sanitiser or a shock treatment.
Bingo B: Bingo B is a formulated powder for use in spas to control pH and Total Alkalinity.
Tiger A: Bromine tablets. Used for disinfecting heated water in spas.
Wuncer: Specifically designed to clean Filter Cartridges and Spa Bath pipes.
Persox 980: Spa shock treatment.



Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners:

Building on decades of expertise in automatic pool cleaners, Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleanerevery Dolphin combines advanced technologies with proven reliability so you can enjoy a constantly clean pool with little effort. Dolphin robots have consistently been at the forefront of innovation. As pool owners’ needs change, new technologies and models that address new segments are added to the Dolphin range.

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Zodiac G2 Suction Cleaner:

The Zodiac G2 Suction Pool Cleaner is a highly efficient suction cleaner with great maneuverability. The Zodiac G2 features stronger suction cleaning that pulls in difficult debris, its disc structure provides optimal adhesion whilst its pliable inserts scrub the pools surfaces, free-swivelling inner cassette system increases random coverage of your swimming pool and quick 'twist-and-release' cassette for self-maintenance.

Rok Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator:

Built and tested to perform in Australia's harsh climate the Noria ROK self-cleaning salt chlorinators offer superior levels of control, style and convenience. Noria ROK Salt Chlorinators kill bacterial contaminants in pool water by the process of electrolysis. Salt water is passed through the electrolytic plates contained within the cell housing and converted to chlorine. The end result is crystal clear, safe, sparkling water.
The units allow chlorine output to be easily adjusted to suit demand. Intelligent design allows the ROK cells to clean by reversing the polarity of its plates. This process removes build up on the plates to ensure optimum performance and cell life.

Noria Pod Pool and Spa Pump:

Ruggedly enduring, aesthetically pleasing and designed to survive the elements. Noria POD pumps are intelligently designed to easily meet demands and give optimum performance at greatly reduced noise levels.
POD pumps use less power in less hours yet move more water reducing the pool operating costs. Quality materials and workmanship, rigid construction and a single piece of super tough and highly stable reinforced thermoplastic make the body of POD pumps outstandingly durable. Larger hair and lint pots reduce the need for frequent cleaning. The research invested in POD pumps reflects in the user-friendly, easy to open inspection lids and barrel unions.

Noria Duo Two Speed Pool and Spa Pump: 

Noria duo pumps are intelligently designed giving optimum energy efficiency and performance. The pumps are part of the Noria range of high quality products that work in harmony to ensure the pool is easy to maintain and ready for use at any time. The Duo is an energy smart pump with dual speed modes, quiet ESP operation and energy efficient design.

Noria EVO:S Sand Filters:

The EVO:S series will provide perfectly clean, clear and sparkling water for many years. The spun fibreglass tank provides larger capacity and higher flow rate enabling more effective filtration – reducing running time and costs. The unique design of the EVO:S provides unrivaled strength and durability to ensure maximum life and trouble free operation making it perfectly compatible with in-floor cleaning systems.